Jo Coldwell-Neilson

About Jo

I have been an academic for 30 years and before that worked in industry in the UK and Australia for 13 years. While in industry I had a variety of roles in various organisations as an analyst and programmer, through to project leader and database administrator. These roles provided me with extensive experience in administration, management of teams and projects as well as an excellent understanding of business processes and practices.

As an academic I have a built a strong research and teaching profile engaging students in and with technology. I have been involved in a variety of projects, particularly while at Deakin University, that are involved with implementing educational technologies in my teaching and more widely in the teaching and learning activities at Faculty and University levels.

My current research reflects my teaching and learning interests and include investigations into gender issues in IT, digital technology uptake in schools and higher education, digital literacy preparedness for our digital future, and preparing students for careers in a digital environment.


Jo Coldwell Neilson